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We've been in the beer kit business since 1993 and as the old idiom states: "cream always rises to the top". We've tested hundreds of kits over those years. Our experience combined with feedback from our customers has allowed us to offer you "the cream of the crop". We've weeded out the dogs and under-performers so you can be confident that you will make fantastic beer when you choose one of our world-class beer kits.

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Brew House Beer kits

Brew House Premium all-grain beer kit

The Brewhouse Kit is an entirely new concept in homebrewing. Until now, most home crafted beer has been made with concentrated malt extract syrup. The Brewhouse Kit produces all-grain microbrew style beer in a convenient format. Brewed from fresh grain and hops, it is pure all-grain wort, made the same way as commercial microbrewed beers. Gentle handling preserves the delicate aromas and flavours.

Fresh grains make fresh beer: The Brew House Kit is made from 100% grain. The grains are cracked just before brewing and gently steeped in water at our custom designed German-style brew house. After the sweet wort is drawn off, it's carefully boiled with generous amounts of hops. Then, without adding water or concentrate, we aseptically package it for maximum flavour and aroma.

Visit the RJS Craft Winemaking site for a list of Brew House kits available.

Barking Kettle Craft Beer kit

Barking Kettle Craft Brewing Kit Partial mash brewing kit

Our Barking Kettle Craft Brewing Kits have been designed by our avid brewing staff who have many years experience in all-grain brewing. Our intention is to offer any brewer a chance to craft something unique without having to invest in special equipment and the time required to make all-grain beer. We use quality ingredients including crushed grains, fresh hops pellets and 100% pure malt extract. Each kit also comes with special flavourings or ingredients which give it an exciting and unique flavour. We've tried to make everything as easy and efficient as possible. Our specialty grains are professionally cracked and provided with a cheesecloth steeping bag. Our easy-to-follow instructions are simple. With our Barking Kettle kits You'll craft beer that will make you proud and you'll have fun serving it to your friends.

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Coopers Canadian Blonde Beer kit

Canned Beer Kits Malt extract beer kits

This is where it all started. Traditional canned beer kits are made from malted barley and hops. The barley is mixed with warm water which activates enzymes that converts the starches from the barley into a sugary malt liquid. This liquid is then condensed into a thick molasses-like syrup and hop flavour is added. You add hot water to reconstitute the syrup, top up with cold water and add yeast to start the fermentation. It's that simple!

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