Canned beer kits

Traditional Canned Beer Kits

Made popular in Britain during the 1950's canned malt extract was the first introduction for many homebrewers. Canned extract is a thick molasses-like syrup which contains concentrated malted barley and hops flavouring. To start a brew you simply add water and yeast. It's then left to ferment for about 7 - 14 days before bottling. Your beer is ready to drink in another 14 days. It's a simple process and the beer can be remarkably good. Although beer kits have evolved the traditional canned kit is still popular mainly because its simplicity and economy.

Our most popular brands


The world's best-selling beer kit. Coopers is prized for its quality. Coopers comes in many styles of beer kits that includes aggressive Aussie beer kits as well as a wide range of international beer kits. This ubiquitous kit has been a favourite for decades and is one of the few kits made by an actual brewery.

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Muntons Beer Kits have been around since the early seventies. These English beer kits have stood the test of time and make excellent quality beer with a distinctive English taste derived from the use of British 2-Row malted barley and hops. You can't go wrong with this one.

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From Australia, home of some of the world's best beers, comes a range of do-it-yourself beer brewing products of the finest traditional quality. Morgan's classic products are born from the traditional skills of the Master Maltster where careful roasting and kilning nurture the release of nature's full flavours and aromas.

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