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cranapple celebration wine

Cranapple Celebration A Newfoundland Holiday Tradition.

For almost a decade now Newfoundlanders have been toasting the holiday season with Orchard Breezin' Cranapple Celebration. Its crisp refreshing finish is the perfect complement to your Christmas turkey and it's sure to be a hit at all of your holiday gatherings.

This white wine features tart green apples balanced out by smooth white cranberries to create an easy drinking wine with a crisp, refreshing finish. It's ready to bottle and drink in just 4 weeks! It comes in at around 6% alcohol so it's great for those late night drinking sessions with your friends and you'll feel much better the next morning. It's moderately sweet—similar to coolers—and it's best served chilled.

It's seasonal so don't wait too long!

Cranapple Celebration is manufactured every fall by RJS Craft Winemaking as a special seasonal release. It's available until stock runs out however there's usually enough around until we get into the new year but that can change depending on its popularity. Don't be disappointed. Make sure you get yours early.

Make it at home or have it made at our place.

Cranapple Celebration is ready to bottle in just four weeks. It can be drank right after bottling however the flavours meld and the wine softens with a month or more of aging. Bring it home and make it yourself or for an extra fee let us do all the work and have it made at our place by our professional winemaker.

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