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About Our Water

It's the purest, most refreshing water you'll ever taste

Our reverse osmosis treated water quenches your thirst and leaves no aftertaste. Nothing tastes as naturally refreshing. Buy bottles from us or bring your own and fill them at our self-serve water dispenser. Either way you're being environmentally friendly by re-using your bottles.

Unlike water from any other source—bottled or bulk, mineral, spring or home-filtered, Brewery Lane's purified water is absolutely uniform in quality so you are always ensured of a high quality product with a taste you can trust. Try it, you'll see it's the best-tasting water on the market, and at an affordable price.

Water is an essential ingredient

Water is an essential ingredient to a healthy lifestyle, and yet it is often the most neglected. Doctors recommend we drink 6-8 glasses of water per day for optimum health, but this is often difficult when you don't like the taste or odour of your water, or are concerned about the quality of your drinking water.

Next to air, water is the substance most necessary for human existence. Practically every living cell in the body depends on water to carry out essential functions. Sufficient amounts of water in the body can increase energy and endurance, help in body weight control, aid digestion and elimination, lubricate joints, and encourage a feeling of well being. It is not difficult to understand why drinking enough water is so extremely important when we realize that nearly 70% of the body's weight is made up of water.

Water is so important that a minute reduction of body water (4-5%) will result in a decline of 20-30% in work performance. Breathing, digestion, elimination, glandular activities and heat dissipation can be performed only in the presence of water. This, combined with the role of water in dissolving the body's waste products and flushing out toxins explains why we cannot survive very long without adequate amounts of water.

It makes common sense that with all the important functions that water has in the body, the quality of water you drink can radically affect your health and well being. That is why it is vitally important that you drink only pure water.

What is pure water? It is simply H20—two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. That's it. Not H20 plus chemicals, metals, particulate, minerals, salts, bacteria or any other contaminants. Unfortunately, nowadays it is virtually impossible to find "pure" water in its natural state anywhere on our planet

Are you getting enough water?

It's recommended that you get six to eight glasses of water a day for optimum health. Are you getting the proper hydration? Find out now. Use this handy hydration calculator.

Water filling station

Water Filling Station

Fill your bottles fast at our high speed bottle filling station. No waiting around. Your bottles are filled in seconds. Fill them yourself or have us do it for you. Don't worry about getting them to your veichle. We'll be happy to carry your water to your car.

Why you'll want to choose our water

  1. It's the freshest, purest water available. We purify our water on site daily which means it's not sitting for weeks or months in bottles or containers.
  2. Bring your own bottles or choose one of our popular bottle sizes including fridge and cooler bottles. We also carry 3 gallon water cooler bottles. Thier filled wieght is 7 kg less than the standard cooler bottle making them easier to carry.
  3. You fill your bottles as required and when you need it. Your'e not tied into weekly inconvenient delivery schedule times. You also save money by filling your own bottles.
  4. Our bottle filling stations are equipped with ozone bottle rinsers to make sure your bottles are fresh and sanitized before filling.
  5. It's the most environmentally friendly way to meet your pure water needs. Refill your bulk bottles at our filling station then fill your personal sports bottles from your bulk container.
  6. We have been in business since 1992 so you can have confidence in us. You can trust to deliver a quality product.