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Still Spirits

Still Spirits Products.

The world leader in distilling technoloy.

We are proud to carry the Still Spirits line of high-alcohol products. Making you own liqueurs and spirits at home is fun and rewarding. Using Still Spirits ingredients you can make just about any style of alcohol drink you want—your way. Adjust the alcohol level, add new aromas and flavours. It's yours to experiment with. Not only that but when you use Still Spirits products and follow their guidelines and recipes your friends will find it hard to believe that the drinks you're serving were made by you!


Buying stills in Canada and the United States is NOT illegal. However it is illegal to distill alcohol unless you are licensed to do so. You are permitted to distill water and essential oils. If you reside in Canada or the United States and want to purchase a still please make sure you are using it for water or essential oil production only. Some countries permit home distilling of alcohol. Since laws are changing all the time pease check with your local authorities for the present laws regarding alcohol distillation in your jurisdiction.

If you reside in a country where distilling alcohol at home is illegal you have the option of using commercial vodka or alcohol to craft your own spirits, liqueurs and cocktails. You can also use the undistilled alcohol base made with Still Spirits Turbo Yeast to make low-alcohol style liqueurs and punches.


Turbo yeast, Carbon and filtering

To make an alcoholic beverage you'll need to start with a base. This is called a wash. The basic wash is made from water, sugar, yeast and nutrients. This is then fermented and cleared. The finished product can then be used for distilling or flavoured with fruit juices or essences to make punches and liqueurs.

You'll be fermenting a lot of sugar and will be aiming for a high-alcohol wash. Ordinary yeast will not be able to do this. You will need a Turbo Yeast packet which contains a blend of nutrients and a strain of high alcohol tolerant yeast. During fermentation aromas and flavours are produced that you need to eliminate if you want a clean-tasting beverage. You do this by filtering your wash through a carbon filter.



Here's where you get to be creative! We carry a full line of Still Spirits flavours and essences. Once you have your alcohol base it's only a matter of choosing your flavouring from hundreds available. Craft your own spirits, liqueurs and cocktails or replicate famous commercial brands. Do you like brandy, whiskey, rum? How about cherry brandy, orange liqueur, coconut rum? You can do it! Anything you can think of. You can even make those impossible-to-find spirits and liqueurs.


Have your wine made at Newfoundland's largest Ferment-on-Premise facility. You deserve to go first-class! We've been supplying craft brewers and winemakers with world-class products since 1993. Visit us today for a unique and fun-filled experience.

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