Making spirits and liqueurs

Make Your Own Spirits & Liqueurs

It's fun and easy to make your own spirits, liqueurs and cocktails

Once you have your spirit you add your flavouring and it's done! There are hundreds of flavours to choose from and you can pretty well make anything you want. You can distill the spirit yourself if it's legal in your jurisdition or you can purchase vodka and use it as a base. You can also ferment your own high-alcohol beverage using a turbo yeast. This is legal since you are not distilling and will ferment out up to 20% and is suitable for making lower-alcohol liqueurs.

Making a wash

The first step in making a high quality spirit is to produce a good, clean wash. It is recommended that you always use good quality turbo yeast and carbon to produce a clean wash. We recommend Still Spirits Turbo Yeast and Turbo Carbon.

Making the wash is basically combining yeast, water and sugar in a fermenting pail and then allowing it to ferment. Once fermentation is finished you clear your wash using Still Spirits Turbo Clear. Once cleared, you can move on to distilling or you can use it as is for making low-alcohol liqueurs and punches.

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Distilling your wash

If you want to make high alcohol spirits like whisky and rum you will need to distill your wash. Distilling at home is illegal in Canada and the United States but it is legal in some other countries. Please check with your authorities before you distill at home.

Distillation of fermented juices has been used since ancient times to produce distilled beverages with a higher alcohol content.

The fermented mix is heated up to boiling point, the alcohol vapour, being lighter than water vapour, rises up to the top of the still and condenses back into a liquid alcohol, purer than what was in the fermented juice.

Still Spirits currently provides three top of the range stills, the T500 (a reflux still for a 25 L wash), the Alchemist Series: Alembic Pot Still and the Air Still (pot still for a smaller 4 L wash).The T500 delivers commercial quality spirit using a fractioning column and water to condensate the alcohol vapour back into a pure 90-95% ABV Spirit, while the Air Still makes 55% ABV spirit by condensing the alcohol vapours using a fan and air (because of this technology, you do not need to remove the first 50 ml as methanol is not produced).

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Filtering your spirit

Your distilled spirit needs to be filtered through carbon to catch any unwanted chemicals or flavours and remove them, resulting in a pure clean spirit. It's important to do this to achieve the best quality results from your spirit. We recommend using the Still Spirits EZ Filter.

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Flavouring your spirit

Your pure spirit will be similar to a vodka. So if you choose to, the final step is adding flavour to it to make it into a new delicious creation.

Still Spirits offers over a hundred flavours and infusements to choose from including spirits, liqueurs, cream liqueurs, schnapps and cocktails. So you can create something new or replicate one of your favourites. This is quite a simple step, just follow the instructions on the label of your flavouring.

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