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Do It Yourself Winemaking and Brewing.

If you get satisfaction from the hands-on experience of doing it yourself you'll be thrilled with what we have to offer. From our award-winning wine kits by industry leaders RJS Craft Winemaking and Winexpert to our extensive line of beer kits, malts, hops and grains we have what you need to go anywhere your imagination can take you.

DIY – Wine

Do it yourself wine kits

Award-Winning Wine Kits by RJS Craft Winemaking and Winexpert.

We are the authorized dealer for the two largest wine kit manufacturers in the world. RJS Craft Winemaking and Winexpert are owned by two of Canada's biggest wine companies who's brands include Jackson-Triggs, Woodbridge, Kim Crawford, Wayne Gretzky Estates, Peller Estates and more. These wine kits are perennial medal winners in winemaking competitions. If you want the best wine you need to use the best ingredients.

DIY – Beer

Beer Making Kits

We Carry a Huge Assortment of Beer Kits, Grains, Hops and Yeast.

We started Brewery Lane in 1993 to supply the local homebrewing market with badly-needed fresh products and hard-to-find ingredients. So homebrewing is in our DNA. We continue to be enthusiastic homebrewers today who will settle for only the best. Stop by and see Mike Burke, our resident brewing expert. He can help you make any beer you desire and answer all your questions. Mike's expertise is in great demand and he's often asked to give brewing seminars at the St. John's Public Libraries.

DIY – Spirits

Still Spirits Turbo Yeast and Flavours

Make Your Own Spirits and Liqueurs With Our Still Spirits Products.

It's easy to make your own spirits and liqueurs. You simply ferment a sugar solution using our Still Spirits Turbo Yeast and Turbo Carbon which produces a clear alcohol base. You then choose from our large selection of flavourings which you add to the base. That's it! You can now enjoy your hand-crafted liqueurs and spirits.

DIY – Cider

Cider Making Kits

Make Orchard Fresh Cider Using Our Cold-Filled Brewery Pouches.

Cider is the fastest growing alcohol beverage category in the Canadian market. These fruit-forward crisp-tasting and lower alcohol beverages are a great alternative to wine and beer. Our ciders are packaged using pouch technology which allows for cold-filling and nitrogen flushing. This gives you an orchard-fresh taste with delicate flavours and aroma that is not possible using the traditonal canning method.

Have your wine made at Newfoundland's largest Ferment-on-Premise facility. You deserve to go first-class! We've been supplying craft brewers and winemakers with world-class products since 1993. Visit us today for a unique and fun-filled experience.

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