Bottle Washing Service

Bottle Washing Service

You can spend hours cleaning and sanitizing your bottles or we can do them in 3 minutes!

Our high-temperature commercial bottle washing machine will clean and sanitize your bottles in just 3 minutes! Bring your bottles to our store and while you're picking up your supplies we'll have your bottles washed, sanitized and ready to go.

8 Reasons why you'll want to use our bottle washer

  1. No more harsh cleaners or foul-smelling sanitizers to deal with.
  2. No more fuss of filling tubs and buckets with water.
  3. No more water puddles and spills to clean up.
  4. You'll save on energy bills, sanitizers and cleaners.
  5. You'll save your valuable time. Washing bottles can take an hour or more.
  6. It's convenient and fast. Throw your cases of bottles in the back seat of your car when you plan a visit to our store.
  7. Your bottles are washed with a non-scented environmentally friendly cleaner and rinsed with high-temperature water for sanitizing.
  8. Your bottles are ready to be filled as soon as you get home or if you keep them covered they will stay sanitized for days.

Pricing and Procedure


The fee for washing and sanitizing is $6.99 for the first wash of 30 bottles. If you need to wash more than 30 bottles you will get a 15% discount on your total wash bill. For example if you have 60 bottles to wash you will be charged $11.88 which is 15% off the regular fee of $13.98.


  1. Your bottles will have to be free of hard, dried-on residue. This will not be removed by our washing machine. If you have bottles that have hard residue you will need to soak them and scrub them to remove the residue. The best way to avoid this is to simply rinse your bottles immediately after consuming your wine or beer.
  2. You should bring your bottles in cases. You can use the cardboard case they came in or plastic containers. You can also purchase plastic bottle crates from us which are perfect for transporting your bottles. If you are using cardboard boxes it would be a good idea to line the bottom with plastic because there will be some water dripping from the bottles.

Some things you may like to know

  • Labels will not be removed by our machine. It will soften them and most labels will peel off easily after the wash but some labels will be more difficult to remove.
  • Dried-on residue will not be removed by our machine. You will have to remove this yourself before bringing them to be washed.
  • Your bottles will remain sanitized and ready to use for several days after washing if you keep them covered. However we recommend that you use your bottles as soon as possible.

Now available at both locations. Let us do your dirty work!