The Brew House Beer kit

Brew House Craft Beer Kits Are Different

The Brew House craft beer kit is completely different from traditional canned malt extract beer kits. Not only is this the first beer kit using only fresh, unconcentrated wort, it is also the first "Add-Water-And-Stir" kit that makes professional great-tasting craft beer true to style.

The Brew House Premium Craft Beer Kit is made from 100% grain. The grains are cracked just before brewing and gently steeped in water at a custom designed German-style brew house. After the sweet wort is drawn off, it's carefully boiled with generous amounts of hops. Then, without adding water or concentrate, it's aseptically packaged for maximum flavour and aroma.

The components of a Brew House beer kit

  • Malted Canadian 2 row barley, specialty grains, hops and water.
  • The American lager & Mexican Cerveza have rice in it.
  • Specialty malts from Briess, Gambrinus, Hugh Baird, UCM and Grain Millers.
  • Made exactly like microbrewed beer, but without very much water.
  • Specific gravity is around 1.075 after boiling.
  • Irish moss as a processing aid.
  • Phosphoric acid and potassium bicarbonate.*

*Phosphoric acid is a neutral tasting, highly effective, food grade acid. This is the same food acid that makes Coca-Cola™ and other soft drinks tangy. It is added before packaging and used to lower the pH of the wort. This makes it less vulnerable to spoilage while on the shelf. Sodium bicarbonate is just common household baking soda used to neutralize the acid before brewing.

All-grain craft beer made easy

There's no doubt that it's great fun to craft your beer from scratch. You just can't beat the experience of cracking your own grains, adding different hops and specialty grains to produce a beer that is uniquely yours. This is exactly how Brew House is made. it's made in a German-style brew house by professional brewers using proven recipes. The unfermented wort is then packaged and ready for you to use. The time-consuming work of mashing and boiling the wort has been done for you. You can have it ready to pitch the yeast in 10 minutes or less which saves up to six hours of your time.

You'll love crafting your beer from Brew House

Here are some of the benefits you'll get

  • It's made by professional brewers.
  • No sugars, syrups or extracts.
  • Made exactly like commercial craft brews.
  • It's a high gravity wort. Not a concentrate.
  • Ready to add yeast in minutes instead of hours.
  • Authentic craft beer flavour.

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