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Craft your own beer

Craft Your Own Beer. It's Fun, Easy and Creative.

Beer has always been our passion. Brewery Lane was started because of the owners' passion for beer making. It's our culture and we're proud to offer you the best ingredients and products on the market today.

You can craft beer better than the big guys.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't make outstanding beer at home. You will be using the exact process as commercial brewers albeit on a smaller scale. You'll be using the same hops and malt as the big guys use because we source them from the same place. The only difference is that you have the option of being creative. The big breweries have to deliver a consistent product that tastes the same every batch. This kills creativity. That's why there is such an explosion in craft brewing right now. Craft brewers want to excite your taste buds. They want to be different. Most of them started in the kitchen just like you. So embrace it. Make your own beer. Experiment. Be Creative! Make beer!

Here's what you need to get started.

Barking Kettle Craft Beer Kit

A good quality beer kit.

Starting with a kit is the easiest way to begin crafting your own beer. You can also make beer from scratch using grains, hops, water and yeast but this is quite involved so we recommend new brewers to go the kit route for their first brew at least. Kit manufacturers do most of the work for you. You get a concentrate that requires the addition of water and yeast to get the fermentation started. We recommend to use our own Barking Kettle or Brew House from RJS Craft Winemaking. These high-quality kits will give you excellent results.

Fermenting pail

Use the right equipment.

Make sure you use new food-quality equipment. Don't try to save money by using old plastic buckets, siphons, etc. We recommend new equipment because old plastic containers, spoons and hoses can have scratches or may have odours and stains from previous use. Scratches can contain spoilage bacteria while odours can be transferred to your wine leaving it undrinkable. It's false economy and a waste of your time if you have to pour a batch of beer down the drain. Stainless steel or glass containers and utensils are an exception and can be safely used if properly cleaned and sanitized.

In most cases it's best to purchase an equipment starter kit. These kits contain all the equipment recommended for making high-quality beer and are usually sold at a discounted package price as compared to buying the individual pieces.

Buy equipment starter kits now at

Tools for cleaning your equipment

A clean and tidy environment.

it's important that you work in a clean and sanitary environment. If you want to avoid accidents and mistakes make sure your work area is tidy and uncluttered.

Brewing is essentially food preparation so use commonsense. Prepare the area as if you were getting ready to cook.

You don't need a large area to work in however access to hot and cold water is essential. Most people use their kitchen or laundry room. You will also need a warm area with a fairly constant temperature of 20° - 25° Celsius for the fermentation to take place. If this is not possible in the room you wish to use then you can purchase heating belts and wraps for your fermenting vessel that will keep the temperature constant.

Watch this video for simple instructions on how to make beer from canned extract.

This instructional video uses a Coopers equipment starter kit. We have simple starter kits such as this as well as more advanced ones to make the process even better. Drop by and see us today for all available options!

Brewery Lane has been helping home-brewers craft great beer since 1993. We stock a wide variety of malts, grains, hops and yeast. Our expert staff has decades of experience and can answer all your questions. Drop by and see us today or call 709-754-4090.

Have your wine and beer made at Newfoundland's largest Ferment-on-Premise facility. You deserve to go first-class! We've been supplying craft brewers and winemakers with world-class products since 1993. Visit us today for a unique and fun-filled experience.

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