Preparing Strawberries for winemkaing

Winemaking Recipes

Crafting wine from berries or other fruit is really satisfying however it involves more time and labour than making wine from a kit. Therefore it's important that you use a tested and proven recipe or all that work could be in vain.

The recipes we have provided below have been tested and have produced good wine. Most of the recipes make one gallon. If you wish to make more just multipy the ingredients—except the yeast— by the amount of gallons you wish to craft. One 5 gram packet of yeast can be used to make 1 - 5 gallons so you will need more than one packet only if you are making more than 5 gallons.

What you need to get started

Of course you'll need the ingredients listed in the recipe you've chosen but you will also need some equipment.

Here is the basic equipment required to make a 5 gallon batch. If you are making smaller or larger quantities you will have to make the necessary adjustments.

  1. Two food-grade pails. One for fermentation which has to be 6 gallons or larger and the other for fruit preparation which has to hold up to 4 gallons.
  2. One glass or plastic carboy with an air-lock for the latter stages of the fermentation.
  3. A food-grade plastic or metal spoon for stirring and siphon tubing for transferring your wine.
  4. A thermometer and hydrometer.
  5. Kitchen utensils such as measuring cups, spoons, strainers. A weighing scale will also be useful.
  6. You will also need non-scented cleaning and sanitizing powders or liquid.
  7. Optional but recommended is an acid titration kit. The acid content of berries and other fruit can fluctuate wildly depending on growing conditions and time of harvest. Acid plays a big part in the fermentation and quality of the finished wine. An acid titration kit will let you measure the acid content and your juice and make adjustments if necessary.

The basic method you will follow

It's best to freeze your fruit and thaw before using it. This helps to break down the fruit structure and release more juice. Once you have your fruit thawed and all your ingredients together follow this basic procedure.

  • Crush or chop your berries or other fruit.
  • Dump the crushed fruit into a bucket with enough water to cover it and stir.
  • Add pectic enzyme and metabisulphite and stir several times over the next 48 hours.
  • Transfer the juice to a second bucket leaving the pulp behind.
  • Add your sugar and other ingredients then top up to 5 gallons with water.
  • Make sure the temperature is between 20 - 25 celsius then add the yeast.
  • Ferment for 7 days in the bucket then transfer to the carboy under air-lock to complete the fermentation.
  • Bottle when the fermentation is complete and your wine is clear.

Now for the recipes

Over the years we have developed a complete additive kit that is formulated using our native fruit. Our Wild Berry Additive Kits have been tested by us and are guaranteed to give excellent results. They contain all the nutrients, acids, tannin and yeast necessary to make a foolproof wine. You also get complete instructions and a clearing packet that will make your wine crystal clear. You supply the berries or other fruit plus sugar to make 23 litres of wine. You will also need standard winemaking equipment.

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