Make Wine From Fruit

There is nothing more exciting or satisfying than picking your own fruit and turning it into delicous wine. Most wine is made from grapes, however wines from other berries and fruit are often made and enjoyed in climates where grapes do not grow. These wines are often called "country wines" and they can be made from just about any fruit or vegetable. Nevertheless berries and other fruits are most desired and usually make the best wine.

Turn your berries into wine

Making wine from your own fruit is fun and educational. You get to understand the winemaking process while experimenting with different flavours and techniques. There is no doubt that wine from kits is more consistent and usually superior in quality but nothing can beat the experience of getting in there and making wine from scratch.

There's two ways to do it

You can either make wine from a recipe or use one of our Wild Berry Additive Kits. Using a recipe can be hit or miss unless it has been proven. A lot of recipes in circulation have been formulated using European berries where "country winemaking" was at one time very popular. Unfortunately a lot of these recipes don't turn out well when using our native fruit and more often than not the wine is a failure.

We recommend you use North American recipes if you wish to go this route. You will also have to buy nutrients, acids and yeast. These items are usually sold in packets that will make several batches of wine. This is fine if you intend on making lots of wine but can be expensive if you are just experimenting.

Here's the easy way

Over the years we have developed a complete additive kit that is formulated using our native fruit. Our Wild Berry Additive Kits. have been tested by us and are guaranteed to give excellent results. They contain all the nutrients, acids, tannin and yeast necessary to make a foolproof wine. You also get complete instructions and a clearing packet that will make your wine crystal clear. You supply the berries or other fruit plus sugar to make 23 litres of wine. You will also need standard winemaking equipment.

Are you ready?

If you prefer to go the recipe route we have put together a selection of tested recipes. You will need to purchase the ingredients listed in the recipe. These instructions use modern techniques based on chemistry and science. Avoid using old receipes that do not include yeast. These usually end up a disaster resulting in exploding bottles or spoiled unfermented juice which can be poisoness.

Make your own wine from a recipe.

Make your own wine using our Wild Berry Additive Kits.