Water jugs

Water Bottles

We have the sizes and types to suit your needs

We carry both plastic and glass water bottles. They are available in two, three and five gallon sizes. We also have fridge jugs with a dispensing faucet that are available in two and three gallons sizes.

Plastic water bottles

Our plastic water bottles are the familiar type that you see sitting on top of water coolers. Plastic water bottles are light-weight which makes them less strenuous to lift. They also have a built-in handle which makes carrying easy. Our plastic water bottes come in three and five gallon sizes. They will fit on the top of a water cooler or can be used to stand alone and pour water from them as needed. There are also manual an electric pumps available that fit on top of these bottles.

Plastic water refrigerator jugs

Our refrigerator jugs are rectangular and will fit on most refrigerator shelves. They have a faucet which makes dispensing easy. They are available in two and three gallon sizes.

Glass water bottles

If you prefer to use glass to store your water then we have you covered. Glass is much heavier than plastic but if you're concerned about chemicals, flavours or odours leeching into your water glass is the way to go. We have glass bottles avialable in three and five gallon sizes. We also carry handles and carrying straps to make transporting your bottles easier.

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