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Adding flavour to your spirit

When you ferment your wash and distill and filter it you are left with a fairly neutral-tasting alcohol similar to vodka. This is a great base for you to explore your creativity. What are you going to make? Schnapps? Liqueur? Whiskey or rum? The options are endless. You can create your own essences or add juices and different flavours. However if you want to emulate popular commercial products you'll find it much easier to use one of our Still Spirits essences or flavourings.

Still Spirits Classics

Developed for those who want the very best. This is the premium range within the Still Spirits family of flavouring products. The flavour profiles and authenticity of the Classic flavours is absolutely top quality. Each pack is sufficient to make 1 Litre of excellent spirits.

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Icon Liqueurs by Still Spirits

Fine quality liqueurs have never been so easy to make! They take a few moments to mix, and they're ready to serve. Easy to make, no mess pre-mixed flavour essence and base. Simply pour contents of sachet in the bottle, top up with spirit and shake.

Top Shelf Essences by Still Spirits

Still Spirits has bottled the very essence of some of the world's best spirits for you to replicate and enjoy at home. The Top Shelf range of essences is beautifully presented in 50ml bottles that are labelled individually to indicate the commercial spirit they emulate.

Top Shelf's huge selection has something for everyone including spirits, liqueurs, cream liqueurs and schnapps.

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Natural Infusements

For a more natural, crafty way to flavour your spirit you can use infusements such as bourbon chips, oaks chips and bourbon staves.

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