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We're Moving to a New Location in February 2019.

We're staying in the same parking lot but we're moving closer to the street. We'll be relocating to the building where Appliance Solutions used to be. It's right next to A&W and BoomIT.

We're Making Room For a Ferment on Premise Facility.

As of January 1st, 2019 Newfoundlanders can now have their wine, beer and cider made on our premises. This has been available in most provinces for quite some time and now our government has amended the liquor act to allow it in Newfoundland. We are expanding so we can offer our present and new customers the same quality and service that our reputation has been built on.

What is Ferment on Premise?

Simply put we supply the ingredients, equipment, expertise and labour to make your wine, beer, etc. at our facility. Your wine will be fermented in our climate controlled fermenting cellar and looked after by a professional winemaker. When your wine is finished and ready to take home you bottle it on our premises using our commercial winery equipment.

The Advantages of Using Our Ferment on Premise.

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