!2 Days of Christmas

Oh How Much Fun We'll Have!

It all begins December 13. Twelve days of great savings until Christmas Eve.

Starting December 13 you'll get one fantastic offer in your email inbox every morning for 12 consecutive days until Christmas Eve. What will the offer be? Heck even we won't know! We'll pick the offer on the morning of the sale. However we can tell you that it will be a gangbusters deal!

Here's how it works

Each morning we'll pick an item and offer it to you at a ridiculous price! We'll send you an email with the details and you have until shop closing of that day to take advantage of the super deal. These will be fantastic deals so we can't give rainchecks. You must purchase that day. If you can't make it to the store on that day you can order and pay by phone.

Checking your email will be fun and exciting.

You'll never know what's going to be on sale so you'll look forward to checking your email every morning. It's also fun to be part of an exclusive group who will be receiving these very special deals every day!

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